Dinara Mirzakarimova

Ms. Mirzakarimova is licensed acupuncturist with Master’s of Acupuncture Degree and Master’s of Oriental Medicine Degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a certified NADA detoxification specialist, certified in facial rejuvenation, QiGong instructor.



"I was going through a great deal of transition in my life, which was causing anxiety and overall depletion. I was also struggling with menstrual issues. I had a great deal of anxiety and felt overwhelmed. I felt as if I did not have a good handle on my health and needed support to get back on the right track. After my first visit with Dinara I already saw an improvement in my health and overall well-being. After my first treatment I felt a great release of built up tension and stagnation within my body. I felt that she was able to help me to release emotion that was buried deep in my body. I continued to visit Dinara on a weekly basis for 10 weeks and she helped to decrease hormonal imbalances during my menstrual cycle, and to feel more balanced overall. She also helped to relieve neck pain that has been with me for many years as a result of working at a computer for most of the day. I was thrilled at the changes and improvements to my moods, health and well-being. I feel that acupuncture was an incredibly important aspect to feeling better and I will always continue to include it in my health care routine. I would highly recommend Dinara because she is caring and kind, and really takes the time to listen and to understand your conditions and concerns. She is a true healer with a great deal of knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine. She is not only knowledgeable but also treats you with compassion and great care. I would highly recommend Dinara for dealing with any health concerns."


"I came to see Dinara after I was diagnosed with vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that leads to loss of pigment in parts of the body and face. In my case, certain areas on my face had started to turn white. Though my condition was considered mild, I was still very distraught because Western medicine practitioners consider vitiligo an incurable disease and the difference in color on my face was very visible. I was fearful that the loss of pigment would worsen and become unsightly, and that I would eventually have to rely on heavy makeup to look “normal.” The treatment prescribed by my dermatologist—application of topical steroids to the affected areas—also didn’t offer much comfort and added to my worry because topical steroids are known to thin the skin, making it more susceptible to sun damage. Having never liked the idea of unnecessary drugs, I looked for alternate treatments and found Dinara. After seeing Dinara for four weeks, I noticed that my symptoms were kept at bay, and the loss of pigment didn’t spread. Further along in my treatment, the noticeable whitish blotch on my left cheek also seemed to gain some color, closer to my natural skin tone. The larger white spot on my neck also seemed to shrink in size. Now, the white spot on my cheek is almost entirely gone! I would highly recommend Dinara because she is not only very skilled in the use of needles and other Eastern medicine treatments, but she is also the most caring and patient health care provider I have ever encountered in all my years seeing medical professionals for routine check-ups and specific concerns. She treats patients holistically and listens to their needs. She is always gentle and detailed in explaining the different procedures for each treatment. In addition to treating my condition with acupuncture, she also prescribed herbal teas and ointments to supplement the treatment that I was receiving in her office. I love how she always begins the session by asking me how I’m feeling, both physically and emotionally. Eastern medicine, unlike Western medicine, attributes many imbalances and ailments to emotional issues. She talked to me about ways to manage stress and even offered tips on how to cultivate better relationships with loved ones and colleagues. While the needles and herbal remedies have been very potent, Dinara has also told me how the body’s healing process greatly depends on emotional well-being and has done everything possible to get me there. After seeing her for a few months, both my skin and my outlook has improved greatly, and I know that her compassion and genuine desire to help others will put anyone at ease and help the individual to get over whatever health issues he or she may have."


"For a few years, I had always struggled with intense panic attacks whenever stressed. It had gotten worse over the summer and I knew that I had to do something. My sister is a massage therapist and mentioned that one her clients suffered from the same thing and had recently see an acupuncturist who had helped her with her stress. So she recommended that I see an acupuncturist as well. I looked up at least 5 acupuncturist who my health insurance recommended and all of the acupuncturists I spoke with didn’t seem a bit concern about my health matters, but when I spoke with Dinara I immediately felt something about the way she listened to me and seemed very genuine with helping me get well so I decided to come in. Everything about my experience with Dinara was amazing. The atmosphere from her office is welcoming and comfortable in addition to the sessions with her. I have been going to Dinara since June-July and I’ve kind of made it a habit to come to her at least once a week; not because I need to, but because I want to). My treatments consisted of herbs and essential oils. I never in a million years would have thought that there would be other alternatives aside from Western medicine that could help you heal your body. My panic attacks are fairly nonexistent and I’ve learned to breathe more and stay calm. If you have any apprehension about acupuncturists, please erase that notion from your mind. Dinara is AMAZING!"


"I came to Dinara for basic massage therapy for aches and pains, and stress–I’d heard good things from my co-workers. Over time, as we talked about the overall goals I had for my emotional and physical well-being, she encouraged me to try acupuncture. This was completely new to me. Thanks to her services, I experienced an opening of my heart and mind in very positive ways. I also felt immediate relief in my shoulder, which had been very painful and greatly weakened for last six months. Over a relatively short period of time, using acupuncture, my shoulder has returned to full functioning. Dinara is a clear, reassuring, smart, intuitive, and skilled practitioner. The proof is in my new-found abilities to be more open-hearted, more emotionally calm, less distracted by hunger (including a relentless desire for sugar), and more confident. Above all, Dinara is a great listener. This enables her clients to trust her and use her considerable skills effectively. I recommend her without condition."


"What everyone says about Dinara is totally true -- she's amazing. I visited her for acupuncture for allergies in September and October 2013 and was very, very impressed with her level of professionalism, care and accuracy. She sat with me for half an hour (totally unheard of in the medical industry!) to talk about my symptoms and my life in general. Her office is very centrally located and very cozy. She's completely professional and very nice during the entire treatment, asking if you're comfortable and making sure you are not in pain. The best part is I saw an immediate difference in my symptoms. I was having to take very strong allergy medication with decongestant every other day. For the six weeks or so that I saw Dinara, I didn't take any medication. I only stopped visiting her because I moved away from DC. Also, she is very willing to work with your insurance--big plus!"


"I'm 54 years old and had been fighting chronic hip pain for 2 years. I couldn't sit or sleep on my left side. I had gone through two, 12-week rounds of physical therapy with limited success and was on my way to Round 3 and a cortisone injection. In total desparation, I called Dinara who was able help me. After 8 sessions, I was pain free and remain so 6 months later. People always ask me if accupuncture hurts. If you feel the pins, which isn't often in my case, the pins feel no different than if you pulled a single strand of hair from your head. You hardly feel anything. Dinara is a gifted listener who explains Chinese medicine in a way that it makes sense. I highly recommend Dinara especially if you tried everything else."

Mary S

"I have been going to see Dinara every week for about a year and half now. Compared to my previous acupuncturist, she is the best. The comments folks have made before my posting are absolutely true and I would like to take a moment to echo those remarks made about Dinara. My level of stress is the best it has been in years. She genuinely takes the time to listen and I never feel rushed. She is passionate about her career and to attest to this, she takes time off throughout the year by attending seminars and meeting with notable acupuncturist throughout the country to advance herself. She does all of this to treat the people she cares the most about, her patients. I would recommend her to my family and friends. Lastly, as a combat veteran, I recommend her to my fellow veteran brother and sisters. Try her at least once, you will NOT be disappointed."


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